Surprise Swap! *Packages Arriving*

:happydance:I know I said i didn’t want to be a swap mom again… but it is hard to resist! So here it is :teehee:

Swap time line is easy. Sign-ups close [SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]June 15, 2008[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE].
It is a one month swap, with your package being shipped no later then [SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]August 1, 2008[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]. Please be timely!

here is the plan:

* each person would pick a few themes/ideas/colors they love (i.e. roses, mermaid, green, fast cars, cookies, lady bugs ...)
* favourite fibers (and allergies too! got to be a responsible swapper)
* one technique or particular type of pattern they haven't tried but would like to. 
* multiple options are best, and make it much more of a surprise!

the secret sender would then be responsible for doing the following:

* [B]dye[/B], [B]spin[/B], or[B] buy[/B] yarn/fiber in their selected price range and theme
* find [B]at least[/B] one pattern that highlights the technique their receiver wants to learn (or possible an exact pattern)
* keep everything [B]in theme[/B]! (edible goodies not-withstanding)
* [U][B]CONTACTING[/B][/U] your secret pal once when you get their info, a second time no later then July 14, 2008, and a third time when you have mailed the package. (snail mail, email,KH, ravelry)

[I]:heart:optional[/I] of course (as usual) would be little goodies like stitch markers (handmade or bought), chocolate, teas, special regional treats or favourite candies … whatever pops into your fabulous head! the idea of the receiver giving the sender at least two theme ideas to choose from would make the anticipation and surprise a little greater, and in my not so humble opinion, even better.

Package tracking or delivery confirmation is NOT required, but recommended.

[I]:fingerwag: I will not tolerate anyone NOT contacting their pal. This helps your pal know you are still participating, and keeps you more accountable for your package. Swappers, if your partner fails to contact you by July 14th, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Email is best but PMs will also get my attention! [/I]

[SIZE=3][B](removed my email… sign ups are closed)[/B][/SIZE]

C[I]opy and paste this into an email and email me the entire questionnaire with all answers filled in! To make it easier for me, I will be assigning you a number as I receive your questionnaire. DON’T LOSE IT! This will be how I track your emails from then on and you will need to include it in the subject line of all your emails to me please!

Price categories are in USD
[/I] -------------------------------------------------

  1. Your name (KH Screen name, Ravelry Name, first name, last name):

  2. Your mailing address:

  3. Your primary e-mail address:

  4. If there are any problems with your questionnaire how would you like me (jeanius80) to contact you? (Primary email, KnittingHelp PM, Ravelry PM)

  5. Price category $10, $15, $20, $30

  6. Your preference on possibly SENDING to someone in another country?
    (Don’t Mind Sending or Prefer Not To)

  7. Is your home smoke &/o pet-free?
    (all yarn being given should be kept odorless and kept away for any kind of pets for allergy reasons)

  8. Do you have any allergies to pets &/o smoke?

  9. Are you allergic or adverse to any types of yarns?

10a. Fiber preference?

10b. Are you a spinner? Would getting fiber instead of yarn be ok?

  1. Theme/Idea/colors?(please list at least two, and up to as many as you can think of!

  2. Pattern or technique you’d like to try?
    (a direct link or name is best, and please, if you list a ‘paid’ pattern, try to include a free on as well!)

  3. Would you be willing to be a Back Up Secret Swapper for someone who is unable to send to their assigned Pal? (you would then have 2 people to give to)

:cheering:I’m in!

[CENTER][COLOR=DarkOrchid][I]This is the UP TO DATE list of who is participating. Your number on this list is your ‘assigned number’

[/I][/COLOR][LEFT][B][FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=2][COLOR=Purple]1. Zebragirlnz
2. Debkcs[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
[B][FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=2][COLOR=Purple] 3. Foxyie
4. gargoylelib
5. tarrentella
6. JamOKnit
7. Doodknitwit
8. princessbonniejane
9. MommaG
10. CognizantAmiga
11. Karina
12. astonh
13. knitting4-2girls
14. HollyP
15. Bree
16. Sanibelle
17. mks22300
18. Staarrkatt
19. Secksiebrat
20. oneyarn
21. threesmom
22. jesthestar
23. Jackie Lim
24. cheekyprincess
25. Cynamar
26. Robynbird
27. Riss
28. KnitPixie[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][/SIZE][/FONT] [/LEFT]

Just sent my questionnaire email in!

sending my questionnaire now!

feel free to add a button to your signature, your blog, your neighbors mailbox, whatev :shifty:

just please save it to your computer before using it, Thanks!:muah:

what wha… i’m so in! :slight_smile:
i was just thinking of swaps yesterday… heh… running off to do the questions now!

would this be open to people outside of the USA? i would be interested (swaps are so much fun) but i live in the UK.

It is open to persons outside the USA (I already have one person signed up who lives in Europe) :mrgreen: Thanks for asking!

Oooh! Yay! I was just wondering if there were any swaps I could get in on!!! Will send my questionnaire right away! :slight_smile:

oh goody!! questionare is in. I hope i havn’t been too demanding!

I just sent my questionare in. Yay!!!

I have followed several of these, and I just have to participate! I am going to send in the questionare!:aww:

I just emailed my questionaire in I am so excited I took part in one before and it was so much fun.

Thanks for sending in the Q’s! It’s fun reading them all :slight_smile:

Hi have read some of the post from the previous swap and would like to join this one. have send the questionnaire off.


I’m in! :woot: Off to fill out my questionnaire!

I just sent my e-mail. I’m really looking forward to this :slight_smile: