Surprise Jacket?

Little help!

I just looked up EZ’s Opinionated Knitter on Barnes & Noble (this is where I have a gift card, and am a member so I get a discount) and they have no copies. At all. Not even used.:pout: Amazon might, but they want $30. All I want is the pattern for a surprise jacket - does anyone know if there is a copy of it available for purchase anywhere online? You know, without buying the whole book? Or a source where they sell the book for less than $30??

Thank you!

I found this one. The first thing I saw was $5. Hope this will help you.

You can also buy it from Schoolhouse Press which is run by EZ’s daughter Meg Swansen. It’s where I got mine.

Don’t forget the library, too. I’ve gotten patterns from library books many times.

Once you get the pattern this site will help a lot. EZ’s patterns are sometimes kind of confusing. :teehee: This help was approved by Meg Swansen.

Knitpicks latest catalog has a dvd with just the surprise jacket. I don’t have a link but if you go to their site an search surprise jacket, it’ll pop up.

Oh yes, I forgot about the DVD. I have it and it’s a great way to learn how to do the sweater. I also got the DVD from Schoolhouse Press.

Thanks!! And that link for loop … that is almost a lys for me!! might have to plan a trip JUST for the patten:flirt:

And if not, the link for schoolhousepress will work - I think I may have ordered from them before - and I’m sure I’ll make use of the “help” website too!!:wink:

Thanks again!