Surprise in the Mail!

A friend from my hometown (back in California) sent this to me! :cheering:

She sometimes stops over and visits us on her way up to Washington. When she was here last , I was telling her about my knitting. Then she told me that she has a friend in WA that has her own sheep and spins!

Isn’t it pretty? The bag that it came in is labeled “Hand Spun Wool, Brown and White Merino Natural color.”

What shall I make with it??? :teehee:

Lovely~~ I guess the first thing YOU have to find out is what wt is the yarn? is it bulky, light, worsted weight or what??? then you can take it out of the hank form… make a center pull ball… and then go from there…

:heart: Very pretty!

:inlove: very pretty!!

That yarn is gorgeous!! And what a personal touch, too!! :heart:

re: what to make. how many of these beauties did you receive?

I received four hanks. Although they are on the small side.

As far as the weight, to me it looks a like worsted. But I am not sure.

It’s fun to squish! :teehee:

what a truly thoughtful friend! And the yarn is gorgeous! Whatever you decided to do with it, make it into something you will wear A LOT, so that your friend can see how much you love it! (and so that you can enjoy it often.) Have fun! :happydance: