Surprise hole in my Garter stitch!

I’m a very new knitter and I am attemping a garter stitch baby blanket. Iv been doing okay so far however I have just discovered this hole and i’m wondering if there is a way to correct it? I have attached a picture below.
Any help would be hugely appreciated:)

Looks like maybe an accidental yarn over. You have two options that I can think of, you can either back up to that row and undo it or you can let it go and sew it closed with a piece of yarn. If you decide the second option, count your stitches and see if you have more than you began with. If so you will need to make a decrease in you stitches because you have created another stitch with that yarn over. I hope I’m making sense. :woozy_face:



Thanks so much for your help and sorry for my delay! Your advise was so helpful.
I backed up to that row and fixed it, counted my stiches and now I’m half way to finishing my blanket :smiley:

Thanks Again!

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No problem, and you are welcome! :blush: Yay for half way to finishing a blanket! :+1: