Surprise freecycle stash score

I responded to a local freecycle post last week, where a woman was freecycling a bag of yarn that she inherited from her grandmother. She said she would never use it, and didn’t want to throw it out. I assumed it was probably a bunch of acrylic or acrylic blends, so I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Now I need to figure out what to MAKE with all of this lovely wool!

I need two posts to make all the pictures because one isn’t enough!

Oh dang. Good score :thumbsup:

This is the rest of the stash. I swear this is everything. What a find! And for free! this girl didn’t know what she was giving away!

Seriously amazing find! Both the yarn and the swift!

If you would like some free green wool for that boy’s hat Ayla, I can hook you up. I have some lovely bright green stuff in a DK weight. I think there’s enough here to make a full winter set (mittens, hat, scarf). PM me with your addy if you wants it!

Thanks wynnie! This kid is five and I’m sure the hat is going to be muddied or lost or both very quickly, so acrylic is actually better, but I’ll take the wool anyways. :wink: :happydance:

Wow! That is so cool! I do a lot of charity knitting and could use a deal like that! :inlove:

:shock: Wow, what an awesome score!! I wish someone in my freecycle groups would list some knitting supplies, haven’t spotted anything yet :crying: .

Congrats on the find!! :cheering:

Wow - great haul! :cheering:

nicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccce! :cheering:

I think Ayla’s new nickname should be “Monty Haul”.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Maybe. This is the second yarn windfall I’ve gotten in the four months I’ve been knitting. I’m starting to sense a trend. :happydance:

I applied to 3 freecycle cities and waiting to see what happens. Maybe I can find something, too!

Oh, freecycle is great for stuff beyond yarn. I get rid of a lot of stuff that I would otherwise throw out, and I get stuff that other people would throw out that I can really get some use out of! I’ve gotten a marble mortar and pestle for cooking and otherwise, a couple of lamps, and a dvd storage cabinet, among other things. I just got rid of 20 empty wine bottles, and I’ve given away a cordless phone, litter boxes, and clothes.

I also get a LOT of email, so if you haven’t yet, I’d either use Gmail to filter your freecycle messages into their own folder, or get an email address that you’ll use just for freecycling. If you want a gmail invite I can send you one, email me at and I’ll invite you.

:smiley: She shoots…she SCORES :thumbsup:
Very, very nice haul :smiley:

Wow, you really hit the mother lode!!! I subscribe to freecycle in my town, but so far, nothing. Lucky you!!!

Very nice! :happydance:

I was approved! :cheering:

And yes…I had a ton of emails already! :shock: I already have a gmail addy, but I think I’ll use my yahoo for now. Thanks though!

Wow! :inlove: You totally scored! :drooling: The best I have ever done on freecyle was a large ficus!

OK… I’m new to this site… what & where & how does one join feecycle? Thanks ahead of time…


Freecycle is a totally independent program. It’s a grouping of yahoo groups that focus on helping members recycle things they would otherwise throw out by giving them to someone who would use them. Basically it’s internet dumpster diving. for more info.