Suri dreams from KP, question

Hey everyone. Just wondering if you could give me any feedback on experiences with suri dream from KP. I want to knit a throw for MIL for christmas, and kp has a nice simple pattern using suri dreams. Mostly I want to know how it is to work with, and does it shed? Thanks for any input.

i actually had the same question recently because i wanted to make a throw with it. I bought a ball of that and merino style to play with just to see what it would do before i invested in a whole bunch of it. I wouldn’t say there is any more shedding than with any other yarn really. I am surprised by how much i like working with it since i loathe most of the “novelty” type yarns. putting it together with the merino style made a super soft and yummy fabric. I made several swatches of different yarn types trying to decide which one i liked the best and the unanimous vote was for the suri/merino style mix. it is less fuzzy for me since it is mixed with the MS but it is still very plush and there is definitely some fluff to it.

thanks for the input. I am hoping to make a throw of just the suri dream. This is the pattern.
I guess what I am worried about is shedding when used. I guess I will order one ball and try it out. Thanks again.

My experience was the same as Brenda’s – I expected not to like it so much 'cause I don’t care for fluffy/fuzzy/novelty-ish yarn at all…but it was wonderful to work with. Not much shedding. Just try to avoid frogging it! :smiley:

that is essentially the pattern that inspired my throw. i just wanted something a little heavier and a little wider (at least i did until i cast on :roll: )