Suri Dream

Have any of you used this stuff for anything substantial? I found a feather and fan throw pattern that calls for suri dream but i am not sure i am into using that for a throw. Doesn’t it shed a lot? I know i can do that pattern in just about any ol’ yarn i want but i am curious.

LOL :rofling: :roflhard: when I read the name of this topic I thought that you had had a dream about suri yarn :rollseyes:

lol well you are no help…sheesh! AND i had to go look to make sure i didn’t just make up that name! hmph! :wink:

I used it for a scarf way back when I was a newbie. (Or I should say, even more of a newbie than I am now.) It took a little getting used to, but I liked it enough to buy more for another scarf for DSIL. It’s very fluffy and luxurious and I don’t remember any problems with shedding while I was knitting with it. (I never got to actually wear it because the weather was already warm when I made it.) The yardage is great, and it knits up fast on big needles. Only downside was that it could be a pain to frog, but overall, I really enjoyed knitting with it.

I really liked knitting with it, and that’s saying a lot 'cause I normally steer very clear of anything remotely fluffy. I don’t remember it shedding. It was an absolute pain to frog, that’s for sure!!

Thanks ladies!..just have to decide if i really want to make that throw with it since it sounds like it knits pretty well. :thinking:

I just got my Suri dream in the mail for the 123 feather and fan throw I am going to make this one for my bedroom and use a more kid friendly yarn to make one for my couch!!!