Suri Dream CO

My KP came yesterday!! :woot: :woot: In this order was Suri Dream in a lovely Chili Pepper red. It’s so beautiful and so delicate. I’ve never worked with anything that delicate. Would long tail CO be the best CO for it? I don’t want to risk tangling it or breaking it. I know this is silly :oops: but I’m some what intimidated by this lovely yarn. I’m going to be working in K1, P1 pattern so I was wondering if an alternate cable would be better with this yarn.

Nadja xxx

I used long tail with no problem, but I made garter stitch scarves with it, so that just made sense. Are you trying to get a stretchy rib? If you use large needles, the fabric comes out really loose and airy so I’m not sure how well that would work unless you carried it with something else. You don’t have to worry about breaking it – I think the nylon makes it pretty tough.

I did want to warn you that suri “dream” can be an absolute nightmare to frog so you’ll want to be extra careful in trying to avoid mistakes, or at least catching them as early as possible. It is definitely a yarn that you don’t want to get tangled, either.

Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure you’re going to love your results. It’s a really great yarn.

Yeah, what she said! ^ It really isn’t as easy to break as it looks…I have a habit of breaking yarn when I can instead of cutting it when I’m too lazy to get the scissors and this was one of the ones that really hurt my hands.

Thanks for your responces. I tryed a long tail cast on for the rib guage and it worked fine. What I want to know now is what loony toon invented the magic loop. This perticular pattern is done in magic loop so I tryed it for the first time on the gauge and OMG what a pain in the butt. :hair: After the first couple of rows I knew that it was going to drive me crazy. So I decided right then and there to just start again on 2 circs. Well like janelanespaintbrush said it does not frog well. It frogged to a certain point and then stopped. I ended up cutting the little bit off.

I think I am going to pair the suri with another yarn so I guess I have to make another KP order :teehee: Oh well my sweetie will understand. :teehee: