Supposed to be a salad

He hi :cheering:

I’m currently knitting what is supposed to become a salad made up out of knit and crocheted things. Not sure how to do the leaves yet, but I’ve got some petite foods. Amongst them are a tiny carrot and a tiny corn. However, the shrimps turned out a bit big (10 cm) in comparison…

The corn is about 1/4 of one shrimp… I can’t knit this shrimp that small though :eyes: It’s tiny (and thus difficult…) enough as it is and I don’t think going down 2 needle sizes will decrease the size enough. I think I rather have crazy large shrimps :cool:

Yum! I love the shrimp and think they’ll be a wonderful addition to any salad.
You knit both so well. I’m looking forward to the whole salad.

just think of them as JUMBO shrimp.

they could join up with my fruits and veg! I’ll have to take a pick to share. Mine are more life-size, and I gave away the tomato.

@knitonepurrtwo: Not going for life-size, but not sure what I’m going for to be honest…

I knitted some mushrooms today and tried the lighter one with 2 sizes down in size for the needles - which had next to no effect :rofl:

It’s going to become an “Alice in Wonderland” salad. :cool: That will be the only way to explain the sizes… and why there are whole pears and corns in there

Oh! How sweet! :yay: :heart: