Support Is A Great Thing

I just want to say thank you to all of you wonderful people for all of the support. From my first crappy scarf project to the pair of socks I just finished tonight you folks have been nothing but kind and supportive. I really appreciate it.

There is nothing like a bit of positive reinforcement to make someone feel better about struggling with a new task or skill. It really, honestly makes a difference.

The fact that you all have a great sense of humor really helps too, as I do enjoy a bit of humor here and there, as I am sure most of you have already figured out.

This place really does have a community feel to it that is hard to find in this modern, cyberspace world and I really appreciate it. I’m glad to have stumbled across this wonderful little community. It’s like turning down an unexplored road and finding a beautiful little town where the people are friendly and have the same interests as yourself.

Sorry if this is a little wordy. I guess it’s genetic, being a descendant of Henry W. Longfellow and all that. :rofl:


I totally agree with your sentiments!

I have to say that I am totally addicted to this forum just because it is so supportive, regardless of the topic. My daughter simply doesn’t understand. One day she will…

I hope you posted a picture of your finished socks in the Whatcha Knitting forum.

Thanks Nathalie. I think the addiction to the forum comes solely from the great personalities that frequent it. (Except for mine of course. I’m like the annoying uncle that’s always cracking bad jokes LOL)

And yes, I did post my finished socks.

Mason, it wasn’t wordy at all, all the words were perfect… they are exactly how I feel. When my life gets in the way and i have to put myself on ‘KH restrictions’, you have no idea how antsy i get to get back in here!! And then feel guilty cause everything else starts to slip again :teehee:

I wish this forum was a little town somewhere where we all lived, cause then i could go next door and visit…

five_six, I completely agree. I’m pretty new to this forum, but I’ve become completely addicted. There are so many great people on here, and it’s such a wonderful distraction from all of the current stressors in my life.

And Mason, your socks rock my socks off!

Thanks Dee. I know exactly what you mean.

:rofl: Thanks

I could totally see us meeting each week in a local LYS.

My dd makes fun of me, telling me I have no friends. I tell her that I have y’all. :muah:

I could totally see us meeting each week in a local LYS.

My dd makes fun of me, telling me I have no friends. I tell her that I have y’all. :muah:[/quote]

Friends are where you find them. Online friends are real people and are no less friends than the people we sit and have a cup of coffee with at a cafe.

Due to my trucking lifestyle I have friends all over the country. We keep in touch online and it’s not unusual for us to meet up when I am in their part of the country for a cup of coffee, dinner, or a beer. Online people are real people and can be very good friends.

In another thread I mentioned that a friend sent me a computer during my recuperation time (14 months) following a car crash. He’s an online friend from my blogging site. We’ve never actually met in person yet, but still we consider each other to be friends.

I agree too…my dh makes fun of me for how many posts I have (he should see Ingrid and Angelia’s!!! [size=1]and one of them whose name begins w/ an a joined up roughly around the same time as I did!! LOL!![/size] on this forum…he has a similar forum he’s been a part of for years and only has a few hundred posts…

Wouldn’t that be neat…if we all had this little door in our houses where we could step into a “knitting world” with all of our kh friends!!! The only downside would be that my children would forget what I look like…

wow…a triple post…sorry about that…

:rofl: Technology is great…when it works

Oh, it worked.

Really, really, really well. :rofl:

If you’ll notice…I was editing posts…each one is slightly different (i’m anal like that)…I’ve never had it actually post all of my changes before…

and ya…it REALLY DID work! :slight_smile:

[size=1] and yes I know it’s sad that I needed three revisions just to attempt to be humorous…[/size]

I took care of the extras. Trying to up your post count? :tap: :rofl:

I get teased about my number of posts. It kind of amazes me because I’m rather quiet in person. :shrug: Because of my schedule and responsibilities, though, I’d be a very lonely person without this site!

Don’t feel bad Ingrid. On one forum I acquired the nickname Post Monster for some strange reason. :rofl:


Well, Ingrid, I’m not quiet in person…well, kind of, until you get to know me.

I’m actually surprised how quickly I got sucked into this. With my online college classes going, I never would have thought I would have time to post here.

So now I simply don’t do grocery shopping, and we eat Ramen Noodles for dinner. :oops:

I agree, Mason! This is a great place and you are a wonderful addition to the group! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :hug:

Mason… You wordy!!! :thinking: yep that fits, lol but we love your words… on this and your blog… when the blog is working… :grrr: anyway… socks are scary to me… sweater was a piece of cake- from a mix… very simple.

I firmly believe you could do anything… remember… we have nothing to fear …but fear itself… to quote a very famous Pres…(It’s almost President’s Day)

Ingrid…I love you my dear! Thank you for taking care of my multiple posts…

and btw–to catch up w/ you and Angelina…I’d have to eat ramen like Auburnchick’s family and sleep even less than the baby allows!!