Supply Dwindling

Those of you that have a good selection of stores to shop from are fourtunate. Our Wal-Mart cut their crafts department from the size of the toy department down to one 15-20 foot aisle. That includes all crafts. Fabric they quit with all together. Last week while in the nearest Hobby Lobby (35 miles away) I noticed that they have quit with the garment fabrics and have greatly cut back on the yarn as well. Everything dealing with any kind of fabric or needle crafts has been reduced to about 1/3 the space. What gives? I might understand if there were other yarn and fabric stores, but there isn’t. Where do they expect those that don’t have a computer (to shop on line) or the elderly that like to crochet or knit to shop for supplies?

I do little shopping on line because I’d rather see and feel the yarn before I buy it. Also, I just can’t afford it most of the time. Most of what I have bought, I bought while on sale or marked for clearance.

I do check the local thrift store for sweaters to recycle, but I live in a very poor rural area of SC. Most of what is in the thrift store is in [U]VERY USED[/U] condition when it arrives there. Rarely can something good for recycling be found.

So the next time you shop your wonderful stores, thank them for being there.


hey sandra, thanks for reminding those of us who have several LYSs to appreciate them more!

the next time you’re in a thrift store looking for yarn, check out the sweater section too; you might be able to find a nice used sweater than you can unravel an use the yarn! I got a gorgeous wool/silk sweater from a neighbor a few summers ago, and I took it apart and wound the yarn into balls; only a few hundred yards, so i haven’t found something to do with it yet, but it was FREEEEE!!! i take it out and fondle it every so often :wink:

there’s a thread somewhere on KH about unraveling a sweater; if you decide to try it, check out that thread for some hints.

Hey Sandra,
I know what you mean. I live in a big city so we have lots of lys’ but since I just finished school and am still looking for a job, I can’t afford to buy anything. All the money I make from my occasional freelance goes towards living expenses. The closest Michael’s is 1 1/2 hours by subway. As a result, I’m stuck shopping at this creepy craft store that has half of an aisle for yarn, not even nice yarn. Ussually it’s the 1 lb skeins of acrylic yarn in terrible colors. Sometimes the have Lion Brand yarns but not usually enough of any dye lot to make anything.

Sandra, I will attempt to whine less about “only” having one LYS. At least I have that. And while I don’t buy much yarn at the big box stores, I do know how reliant some people are on those stores!

Now in the perfect world knitters would be appreciated for their skill be being gifted yarn.

There isnt ONE single good yarn store here in Waco. I have WM, HL, Michaels, and JoAnns.

And it drives me nuts.

Theres only so much Sugar N Cream, and Wool Ease a girl can tolerate. :roflhard:

The same thing happened to Meijer near where I live. One side of a fairly long aisle used to be packed with yarn and notions. They recently renovated the whole store and now gardening tools take up the craft section and the yarn was reduced to about 1/8 of its original size. It now shares shelf space with the scrap booking supplies.
I thought knitting was gaining popularity. :shrug:

Before I moved from Michigan, a couple of the local Meijer’s did some remodeling, but their yarn sections increased.

Hildegard, I do check for sweaters to recycle. Seldom does one made of something other than acrylic show up there. A few of the wool ones that I’ve noticed had been felted by the owner and useless to me. Nevertheless, I still rummage through it for the off chance that I’ll run across a find. With fall soon the arrive, maybe my chances will increase.

Thanks for all the comments.

Lighting - Hey I live in Greenville, SC =-) My fav LYS closed. I’m not very fond of the other one that is close by…I drive an hour to get to my new fav. Even then she may not have what I was looking for, so I buy online. I usually buy yarn brands I trust and every so often I take a chance on something new.

Hope things improve for you soon…

Part of the reason I’m not shopping at Walmart any more. BOOO…so frustrating to go in there with all that stuff, and not get what I want. The final last straw was not being able to buy a gift card at the self check out, even WITH a cashier’s authorization.

So, yeah, I’m so very thankful that we have a couple yarn shops to buy from!!

I wonder if you live by me! I live in a very rural 1 horse town area of South Carolina and its 45 minutes to Walmart, and over an hour to Michaels or TC Moore. I couldn’t even wish for an actual LYS beyond TC Moore. I have been experimenting online with things that are general “favorites” (I’m into wool atm) and just got some Peace Fleece that I am LOVING. Its not the softest, but its VERY plush and the colors are fantastic. It was my very first online yarn purchase.

I do always appreciate living in a city that has multiple choices for yarn and such. I have the option of going to Michael’s for my multiple quantities of big box store yarn, or my favorite lys for my malabrigo and such. I am very thankful, and love my city!:muah: