Okay, my dad found a decent store for knitting supplies, so I was wondering what kind of supplies would be useful…Lots of yarn, I know, and needles are a must…but what kind of needles? Is there anything else I should have? I’ve only got a couple of circular needles and one pair of single points and yarn. I’m asking for an interchangeable set, and double-points. Also, what is that thing that helps determine gauge called?

I think some stitch markers are nice to have handy… and if you want a cable needle although you can use a DPN for that…and I use my tape measure a lot… I also keep a crochet hook handy… and tapestry needle… other than that the dpns and interchangeables is a good start… when I first started I bought all the supplies lol… and now I don’t use them very often at all… like paper and pen for counting my rows better than a row counter… like using scrap yarn to hold my sts rather than a stitch holder…

my Susan bates Gauge thing just has… Susan Bates “knit check” on it… and Joanns website is running really slow for me right now… they might have it on there and the name for it…

A small measuring tape is a definite if you don’t already have one. I really like the Stitch holders over yarn, but it becomes a personal preference, I have little circular stitch markers that I can bend into shape and they come in a little box and a variety of sizes. I never use my stitch counter and use paper and pen instead. I have this thingy I can put my needles through to see what size they are if they aren’t marked and I like that. I think a small size crochet hook is a must and can get you out of a world of hurt if you drop stitches etc!

Thanks! Do you think I will need anything else in the future? I don’t want to make my dad go all the way downtown again, so I’m thinking long-term…

thats really all I can think of… except you can never have to much yarn :rofl: :roflhard:

A crochet hook in a size close to or slightly smaller than the needle size is an absolute MUST. Dropped stitches, etc.

A darning/tapestry needle is a must for weaving in ends, don’t believe I saw that mentioned.

And as many double pointed needle sizes as you can get–I recommend bamboo if you’re starting out, the neeldes are less likely to go flying.

Guage check w/ needle sizer holes
Several small tape measures
a pack of crochet hooks
I love my kactha row counter
I put my patterns in sleeve protectors and use dry erasers on it. Write notes mark where I left off etc. It wipes off later and my pattern is safe.
At least two project bags because multiple WIPs is very likely.
A small notebook to write knit related things down
Coiless safety pins
Stitch markers (I use these a lot)
Several pairs of small scissors
Pack of bobbins if you want to do intarsia
Point protectors are a must (you’ll know why if your stitches ever fall off your needle)
If you knit with animal fiber a sweater soak or wool wash is nice.
Chibi darning/tapestry needle.

I think that is it… :??

I have a Boye gauge checker that also has a 5" ruler on one edge and a cm ruler on the other edge. Very handy.


make sure u get plenty of DPNs! i dont have any and ive have to put away like a gazillion gr8 patterns for that reason.

Someone listed coilless safety pins. i can’t find these anymore. Anyone have suggestions as to where they can be purchased?

I get mine in the Michael’s craft jewelry section with all the findings, chains, and beads.