Superwash or not?

In general, would you prefer to knit with a wool that is superwash or not?

I don’t like the way superwash wool feels. It is quite soft, but it’s slippery and doesn’t “grab” the way that wool does. My cables look wonky. As far as wear… that remains to be seen. Not done yet.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]Most of my knitting is for gifts and non-fiber people just don’t want to be bothered with hand washing, dry cleaning, etc. I find most non-superwash wool gifts don’t get used.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I didn’t vote b/c I like both for different projects. I like superwash for things like socks and mittens and gloves-things that I will wash alot and don’t want to hand wash. As far as real wool I’ve only used it to make felted items, booga bag, wool soaker (cloth diapering), lopi tote, stuff like that. I did just finish my Mom’s vest that was made with patons sws that’s real wool and the softest I’ve worked with yet and she wanted real wool so she gets to wash it. I also made my Dad a scarf last year out of it and that’s not gonna be washed very often; again Mom gets to wash it, not me. I have kids and don’t need to worry about what gets hand washed and what can go in the machine so for my stuff I prefer superwash. I do have a skein of mmmmmmmalibrigo and think I will make myself a hat with it, not sure though-had it almost a year and still haven’t used it. :think:

DITTO. 100%.

I’ll use non-superwash for stuff for my family and I that I will be responsible for laundering. But even still, I prefer the ease of care that superwash allows. I made a 100% wool sweater for DH that he loves and wears almost all winter. And I have to hand wash that damn thing every week. :ick:

I must not be looking correctly, but I just find that the selection of superwash wools is so small. For baby blankets and projects that I want to be USED, I use an acrylic or blend that can be washed. But this may be because I am a huge yarn snob. I figure once I am not using “real” wool (I don’t know why I don’t consider superwash “real”), I may as well use an acrylic so I can at least save $ and have better color choices.

Personally, I like the ease of care that superwash provides. It is still wool in any case, even if it does have a blend of other materials in it.

Bip… here’s a few;

I like superwash for socks and baby items, but I like regular wool for everthing else. I’ll make superwash stuff for other people (well usually I make other people socks, so I’d use superwash anyways) but as far as preference, I like just a plain ole beautiful wool. I feel like I’m fancy if I have to handwash my garments. :slight_smile:

I like to knit with wool and if it can be wash in the machine that is even better. A couple of days ago I tried washing some fleece in the machine, I was apprehensive, but it is fine, it dried more quickly that a hand wash and is ready now for carding.

I perfer the superwash wools because of my allergies.