Superwash for baby longies?

Hey everyone! Can I use a superwash wool for baby longies? Will a superwash wool accept lanolin?

I have a TON of superwash skeins (blanks) and I would love to dye some yarn and make a pair of adorable longies. But I don’t want to start that huge project if it’s a disaster in the making!

Thanks so much!

PS- longies are knit pants that go over a cloth diaper. Usually you knit them with wool and treat them to a lanolin spa :wink: to “waterproof” them.

I don’t think they really sub all that well. I think you really need the 100% wool. :think:

Superwash wool is 100% wool, usually, but the little fibers that tangle together while felting have been removed. I’ve never made diaper covers so I’m not sure what it is about the wool that makes them so good at doing what they do.

My guess would be that the lanolin would soak into the superwash wool, but I honestly don’t know if the ‘feltability’ of a wool plays into making a diaper cover effective.:think:

Out of curiosity I’ve been Googling about this. It seems the majority say not to use superwash wool, that it won’t absorb lanolin. This site was interesting.

I should have pointed that out. I was thinking the feltability might play into it, too.