Supersocke in Noble

I bought this yarn a long time ago and was in a pinch to get something done for my best friend for her birthday. I don’t really care for this yarn, irritated me it was spliced three places, but I did use it and made her a pair of socks in time to get them to her for her birthday. I just hope she enjoys the colorway of it. I think it will be nice for winter under jeans. It comes out very soft after washing. Back to knitting mittens for the kids. I have one and a half pairs to go.

That is a indeed a super sock and a super gift. Very nicely done. It’ll be most welcome, I’m sure.

Great socks. Nice colors…and soft to boot! Winner! Lucky friend to get hand-knit socks!

That’s a beautiful colorway, nonny! Your friend is getting a gorgeous pair of socks! :muah:

[U]Very[/U] nice! I really like these colors, so maybe your friend will, too.

Sigh! Sometimes I wish I had a friend who knits–well, I do, but I mean one who knits gifts for other friends. (My knitting friend doesn’t have time to think straight.)

Can’t wait to see the mittens!

I love the colorway! I agree that the colors would be perfect with jeans. I know your friend will love them!

The mittens will be boring. They are men’s mittens, solid boring colors like a gray heather, evergreen and an forest heather. My dd wants mittens made big enough to wear over regular gloves for her, her husband and her 12 year old son as they are hiking up Kilamanjaro in July. I have begun to hate mittens! :rofl:

I love those colors! I’m sure she will be thrilled to receive them!!!

Is that a self patterning yarn? It’s fabulous. Looks like you did a lot of Fair Isle. Great colors.

Yes, it is self pattern. Thanks

Oh I like it! Very colorful and interesting! The blue in it will look nice with jeans!

Great socks and lovely yarn.

Nice colorway, it will work great with jeans as you envisioned. They look very soft. A nice gift for your friend’s birthday.

Very neat work! Love the colours. Beautiful gift! :muah:

Thanks for sharing