Superman Scarf (WIP) *Updated*

I’m making this scarf as part of a “scarf exchange” among friends.

Two problems:
1: I think I gave myself a shoulder injury trying to finish a wrap that I was working on
2: I hate the colors.

The girl I got in the exchange, requested either bright red/bright blue combo or purple/green combo. I know she’s into superman, so that’s why I added the design. I’m making it in the style of the Harry Potter wide stripe scarves (like in the picture under my name of hubby in his ravenclaw scarf)


After knitting on it a few days.

Very, very cool!

I think it’s neat! If she requested bright red and bright blue, then I’m sure she’ll like it. And the superman detail shows effort!

Sounds like it will please the receiver very well. The Super Man logo is a good addition. Very clever.

I think the colours are right, given the ‘theme.’ But I hear you about the not liking the colours part!

I guess the focus here is on the receiver and knowing you will be giving her much joy in her gift so… it will be good!

I think it fits the person you are giving it to and they will love it… I know if my son sees this I will be knitting one :teehee:

it looks great!! :happydance:

Considering her color choices and her fondness for Superman, it sounds like a great choice!

Ouch on the shoulder injury.

Mama Bear

thanks guys. I like it a little better now that I’ve worked on it a bit more. I added a new pic to the first post :wink:

That’s really cool!

I really like the thick stripes with the thin little stripe!

I think that the receiver will really like it :thumbsup:. Sometimes we don’t really agree with the receiver’s color choices, but what can we do? Some like red and blue, some shocking pink, so we got to keep 'em happy :wink:

she said something today about putting superman decals and "S"s in any spare place on her car. I can’t wait to get this thing done already. I think she will like it.