Superhero Dreamcatcher Afghan

This is my 2nd Crochet project…just finished it on the 19th, just in time to give it to my 7 year old grandson, Jaden, for Christmas! I’ll try and post a picture!

That’s really cool! I’m sure your grandson will love it. :slight_smile:

Merryknitter, you’ve been busy! That afghan is awesome! My 5 yr old son would just DIE to have a blanket like that, but he already has plenty of handmade blankets!

Was that your own pattern? I’m guessing yes since you are so creative!

Good job!


Hey Mary Grace!
Are you all ready for Christmas? I’ve got to check out your site and see what you’ve been up to…LOL!

No, I don’t think I’m ready to create my own patterns…yet! I have so much to learn! I found it on Ravelry…check it out! I had lots of help there from many people all over the country…it was fun!

You have a very Merry Christmas, my friend!

I also crocheted that “Just My Cup Of Tea” bookmark out of the thread crochet…it was a little harder than the afghan…I’ll have to take a picture of that too!
Love ya,
Merry :slight_smile:

You did great! :cheering: I started out making this blanket in black and white instead of red, blue, and black and got fed up most of the way through. I finally decided it was enough to do it without the webbing.

I keep telling myself I’m going to start one again for my boyfriend’s son but then I remember how long it took me and I think…nah…LOL

That turned out wonderful!! I’m not sure I could do that now let alone it just be my 2nd project:thumbsup:

its lovely ,