Super ugly problem

I decided to try Wilton’s food dye for the first time. First two skeins are lovely–super bright yellow with spring green and a great orange/red/yellow sunset mix.

The final skein is the problem. The last batch ended in all kinds of ugly. Nasty washed out purply red with random grey blue parts. So now what do I do? Overdye? (what color?) Put it in the very bottom of the drawer? Throw it away? Please help. thanks everyone!

I had one like that. Ended up at the bottom of the drawer for about a year. Last weekend I had some leftover turquoise in the dye pot so dug out the ugly red/purple/blue/grey. Turned out quite loverly.

ah wiltons… some of the colors do have a tendency to break

i would overdye it with blue!

one thing i always did when using wiltons was to dissolve it completely in a very small amount of really hot water and vinegar first before i added it to my dyepot.

i also made sure to give it a good stir right before i added the yarn.

hopefully those tips will help if you decide to try again :slight_smile: