Super Stretchy Bind-off

Would you use Jeny’s Suprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off for the armholes of sweaters? I have a tendency to bind-off too tightly and have come to use crochet hooks for bind-offs as that seems to help. But, I’m making a sweater and have decided to definitely use the JSSBO for the neckline, but I have to do the bo for the sweater underarms and am wondering if I should use it there too or if it will make the underarms “wear” funny.


For just the underarm area? I’d use the regular bind off.

Yeah, for the BO at the underarm, it’s only a few stitches so a regular BO will work, just keep it on the looser side if you’re worried it will be too tight, but they’re usually okay there.

If you have a problem keeping it loose, you might try using a larger needle – like 1 or 2 sizes larger – just for the bind off. I have done that many times when binding toe-up socks and it works very well and isn’t noticeable at all.