Super "Speed-of-Light" Pattern Needed!

so anybody got a freakin “speed of light” fast pattern? my sisters’ bday is coming up and i already knitted one of them an elongated stitch scarf made from lion brand yarn named carribean. i have the same type of yarn for my other sister but the purple color. (they’re twins so I’m trying to use similar yarn but use a different pattern). there’s just 2 criteria:

  1. use the yarn i bought n
  2. i need to make it in super human speed!!
    n she’s really girly (materialistic comes to mind but that sounds too gluttonous for her.)

please say you have a suggestion!!! :rofl:

The Mary Poppin’s scarf (KPC) is pretty. the pattern is really easy to memorize and it’s lacy and girly. HTH!

ok thanks! i did that- now i need a super speed pattern for a guy… got anything good? i dont hav a clue what to make for a guy…

fastest thing I can think of for a guy is the Brother in Law racing stripes scarf - also KPC - might be a little warm for that in GA thouh! :eyebrow:

What about Dashing, from Knitty?

yeah- atl isnt exactly the best place for cold articles of clothing. especially for the guy i’m knitting for (i say “its cold” and he replies “what’s that?”). altho dashing looks pretty good altho it is better for colder climates and not ideal for mr. radiator i think he may appreciate it.