"Super Simple" (We'll See) Wrap Jacket KAL

I’m attempting my first article of “real” clothing. Found this pattern that is supposedly “easy” and good for beginning knitters, which is what I am. I’m JUST starting this (I’ve cast on and knitted first row).

Anyone want to share the experience of the frustrations and joys of knitting thier first sweater (or rather wrap jacket) along with me?

The FREE pattern can be found at the following link.

For this, I’m using some different supplies (and PRAYING it works). For the yarn, I’m using Lion Brand Pound of Love in Denim (#110) cause the idea is that I’m making this for my mom and she loves blue. This is a worsted weight baby yarn. Also, to get the gauge I’m using US 8 needles. (At least the gauge worked on my sample. I’m scared to death that the end product might not fit just cause I’ve never made anything that had to “fit” before).

Anyway, look forward to hopefully knitting along with some of you!

Well, I’m off to a stellar start…NOT! :gah: I got about an inch done and then realized (don’t ask me how but thank goodness it was earlier in the project) that I’d messed up on the number of stitches I’d cast on apparently. I’m sure trying to cast them on and count while my two toddlers were running amok had nothing to do with my miscalculation. HA!

Anyway, had to frog the entire thing and will be starting over on it today. URG! I’ll be sure to count CAREFULLY this time.

Have a glorious day.

Hi Astonh,

I am going to join you on working this pattern, however, I know it is going to be slow going because I am finishing a number of other projects. I am unfortunately not monogamous to 1 project. I work on one a little then work on another. So although I eventually finish, it does take me a while. I am a fairly new knitter but have started two short sleeve sweaters that I am still working on. So this will be my first long sleeve wrap.

Now to find some yarn. I will have to find a yarn substitute. I am going to check my stash to see how much of one color I have if that does not work, then I will have to go shopping.

I will keep you updated on my progress.

Oh goodie! I’m so excited. Thanks for joining. NO WORRIES about being slow (cause you do multiple projects instead of focusing on just one at a time), knowing my knitting abilities, you still may beat me cause I’m slow as well (beginner who, as you can see from my previous post, screws up a lot!).

I’ll keep you updated on my progress as well…once I restart it. Thanks again!

Well, I just cast on the stitches to begin again. I counted those boogers seven times to be sure I cast on the correct amount this time. Now, I just need to get busy knitting this up. I’ll try and post progress photos (when I actually have some…ANY…progress to share).

I think I am beginning to get in a “groove” and am actually back up to the point where I had to rip out last time. I took time off this weekend due to family plans and trying to finish another project so didn’t work on this as much as I’d intended, but as soon as I get something worth commenting on (like more than an inch knitted-HA), I’ll be sure to let you know.