Super green newbie question

My knitting is too tight. Is this something that I will get the hang of and will loosen up as my skills improve, or should I make modifications now?

Fabulous site! :cheering: So excited to have found it.

1st of all…welcome :smiley: Personally, I found that when I began knitting that my gauge/tension was tighter than it is now, after I practiced for a bit it loosened up :wink:

check this out!

It will probably loosen up, but you can work on it, too. When you pull the loop up give it a just a little extra tug before pushing it off.

BTW…different needles and yarn make a difference, too.

That was perfect! I do pull the yarn! I think I do it because I am afraid it will slip off the needles!


Jan is right on the needles and yarn! Slippery yarn is better on bamboo needles for example. When I started I used nothing but bamboo and didn’t run into the slippage issues really. but you have to temper that with the frustration of having to move the yarn more than with say an Addi Turbo. i didn’t find it frustrating but i didn’t know better either…some find it very frustrating. I would try some different needles and yarn and see what you like and what you feel comfortable with…

Another way that stitches are made too tight is by knitting on the needle tips. I used to do this until I got in the habit of laying the yarn lightly a little further back on the needle shaft. This also helps me to achieve suggested gauge. The only time I give the yarn a tug is when I’m purling which tends to be loose. The stitches come out looking more even.