Super fast toddler hat/cap?

I need a very fast & simple hat to make for a 2 year old child. She’s been hospitalized for very bad burns and I want to knit something up quickly for her. Any quick links? Thank you!

Jan’s toddler hat works up really fast… (the one with the icord trim- is it the bow hat? I tried to find it in the search but my link isn’t working right). There is also a thread where Arreluria collected cap patterns for a toddler:

hope the child recovers quickly, MKZ

The link is in my blog which is linked in my sig. You can make the hat any size by using a multiple of 10. That makes it easy to make it smaller for a baby or bigger for an adult.

If you prefer another type of hat here’s a few links.

Thanks! I think I’ll go with the bow cap. It’s so darn cute, I can’t resist.

I’m an idiot about this, but how would you make it smaller around for a 2 year old’s head? I don’t want it too snug, maybe a little loose. Her scalp’s been shaved.

It depends somewhat on the yarn and needles you are using. If you are using a baby yarn and the about the same size needles I used then you might try casting on 80. The eyelets and decreases will remain the same. I don’t have a toddler around to try on hats so it’s kind of a guess.