Super fast (but not boring) toddler pullover/sweater?

Anyone know of a good pattern for a super fast toddler pullover?

When I’ve finished my current batch of projects, I want to knit something for my son…

But it will be the biggest project I’ve done yet (other than the neverending shawl for my SIL). So, I’d like to do something that will go quickly, but isn’t TOO boring (my gawd… the endless rows of garter stitch in this shawl have me THRILLED I’m almost done with it!)

TIA for any pattern recommendations! There are just so many patterns of this nature out there I’m having a really hard time… not being an experienced knitter, I’m not sure which would really be easy.

You could check out and look for a top down raglan–they’re pretty quick, and have less seaming than other sweaters.

I found this nice sweater from knitty (linky here) but that yarn looks like it is discontinued…

Do you think I could sub any chunky yarn? That pattern isn’t too specific about what kind of yarn that is, I guess I’m not experienced enough to figure it out. :??

Ah-ha! I found the author’s blog and she talks about the pattern and suggests some alternate yarns, since the original one is discontinued.

This looks like it would make a good first clothing project, I’m hoping to start on it after the new year!