Super Fan Knitting!

We’re started talking about NFL knitting but it’s branched out to every professional and even college sports knitting. Let’s share patterns, yarn sources and lots of pictures of knitting for our favorite team!

Scarves, hats, mittens, sweaters, etc - you name it - all in our team colors!

Who’s joining in to root, root, root for the home team?


Woo hoo! Go Patriots!

Any Pats fans out there? I’ve NEVER knit a logo or any kind but I might be able to be talk myself into this KAL.

So, how do you make a chart?

Of course, I had to make my own button!

mrs desert rain suggested this link:

but I haven’t been able to test it out yet because of there server issues.

I dont do football much, BUT I do root for the Texans, even though they suck more than my vacuum.

Here in Waco, my choices of sports teams are Dallas Cowboys, or Texas Rangers.

Even though Im a died in the wool, true to death, Houston Astros fan. There are alot more Astros fans here than I thought though.

Not so much the Texans. :doh: I HATE the Cowboys. Never have liked them. Makes for a very interesting football season with my friends wife. Shes die hard Cowboys. :roflhard:

Maybe by joining I’ll actually get a Browns scarf/hat knit up! Count me in. And now I have an excuse to do more yarn shopping!!!

Suziehomemaker, just so you know I’ve been forum stalking you ever since you mentioned Chicago Bears projects. Most of my family lives in Chicago and they are die hard fans. I’ve already been thinking about making them gifts.

I’ve got too much OTN right now, but I’ll definitely be lurking in this thread. This is a great KAL.

Well my NFL hats are already in the Fauxhawk KAL… but I can do this one too… Two birds with one stone, right? :slight_smile:

Ok, I can’t resist…even though I HATE the Lions - they make me :hair:, :gah:, and :!!!:- but they’re still my team and I just can’t resist making a chart…not sure if I’ll go through with a scarf, but if anyone else wants the chart, I’ll provide it.

How about using graft paper to make charts.

That’s a good idea except how do you do THAT? :think: I’ve never done any type of graphing before so I wouldn’t even know where to begin. All I know is that I want the Patriot’s logo on a scarf!

BTW Sherl, I love your little smiley next to your name! Way cool!

Find a pic you like of the logo and insert into this program it will do the graph for you.
The site is down right now while htey are changing servers but once back up it is great. I used it to get a graph for the giants logo. Somone at works wife is a fan and asked me to make a purse so I did and ofcourse I forgot to take a pic before I gave it to him. He is going to e-mail me a pic I will share it once he does.

Well I got a graph done on Knit Pro but it looks like it’s got tons of colors, kind of like counted cross stitch. It’s totally confusing me.

I tried to put the file up here that shows what it looks like but I can’t figure it out! UGH! How do I insert a PDF file from my computer?

I found my brown and orange yarn! Now I just have to figure out a design…

I’ve graphed cross-stitch designs, but not knitting designs. For the cross-stitch, I often started with a picture of what I wanted and used graph paper as tracing paper to get a general idea of what I wanted to do. (Put piece of graph paper over design, put both pieces of paper on a window, and trace. The smaller squares on your graph paper, the less choppy your tracing will be.) I’ve had some designs where I got out protractor and compass to get the lines and angle correct. I’d use the graph paper method for the patriots logo.

Oh, DH would love a Dallas Cowboys scarf…

Now I just need to chart the star! Hmm… maybe I could do it as an Illusion Scarf… :??

Maybe I should make my Daddy a Detroit Redwings one as well! With their logo on on side and the Octopus on the other??? Na, that may be too crazy for him… :eyes: