Super easy, no fuss, short cut short rows

Well, there are SO many Short Row posts that this has doubtless been long since mentioned, but just in case, or if it’s long ago, here goes again!

I’ve always loved German short rows; I am sure we all have our favourites, and I’m certain that different methods work better in different projects. But so far I have never, ever found a way that is easier than Stephen West’s ‘short cut short rows’. I am a bit obsessed with Stephen West at the moment, and working on the “All The Angles” shawl, for which I learned this method. I’d started with my usual German ones and realised I was getting lost in SW’s pattern, so watched his little tutorial on how he tackles short rows (link attached). Maybe this wouldn’t be as tidy in some projects, but where it does work it works like a dream. SO much easier to see where you are! I think German short rows are really quite difficult when working with fingering-weight yarn? I find it so difficult to see where the peculiar little double stitch is, when I come to closing the gaps, where in a heavier weight yarn such as a light worsted, it’s really easy.

But anyway, SW’s version, if it’s a good choice for your project, is SO worth learning, and is SO spectacularly easy!! Highly recommended!!


Very neat method and clear demo. Thank you and Stephen West!

This method has been a bit of a life-saver (as have you, Salmonmac!) in the “All The Angles” effort. I’m renaming it “All The Angels” because that’s what I need to get through this!!

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THANK YOU! I’m definitely going to watch and learn this technique. I tried my first GSR recently on a sock heel and it was a disaster, barely improved on the second sock. I’ve knitted a bunch of socks before (5-6 pairs) but always with a reinforced heel and gusset. I intend to practice GSR and other short rows techniques so that’s perfect timing!