Super basic newb question

I’ve knitted five rows and I just completed my first row of purl stiches. I want to do more knitted rows, so how do I do this? The stiches don’t look the same as when I was just doing knit stiches so I’m not sure where to insert my needle, it seems like it is backwards on the needle.

I just started knitting a few days ago, sorry for the ultra newbish question. :pray:


The best way to learn is to check the videos at the links at the top of the page and also check these links out for more help. If you still have questions ask and we’ll see if we can clarify for you. :wink:

Lion Brand - Learn to knit
Knitting at Noon Videos

Thanks for the links, the Knitting at Knoon was most helpful :happydance:


If the stitches are mounted backwards on the needle–you might have made EASTERN Purls.

(there are 2 HUGE divisions of knitting (EASTERN & European)
these are further divided and divided (English & Continential are a subdivisions of European knitting)

ALL of the versions of knitting are ‘RIGHT’–but some are less well known

LIKE combo Knitting.

In Combo Knitting, knitters make EASTERN PURLS and EUROPEAN KNITS.

but --the eastern purl cause the knit stitches to be "Mounted with LEADING/Front edge of the stitch to be in BACK (not in FRONT like a standard European Purls)

To ‘turn the stitches’ (or rather to KNIT OR PURL THEM WITH TWISTING) Knit (or Purl) into back of stitch.

to learn more about COMBO Knitting see Anne Modesitt blog, or google COMBO Knitting (search here, or over at the Knitty Coffeeshop BB or Knitters Review-there was a post obout combo knitting in the last week over on KR. )

After this row, you have a choice to make.
Continue in Combo technique (you’ll need to make some adjustment to patterns)
or DO BOTH and elect what you want to do, and when.

i mostly knit combo, but when i am doing lace, i ‘plan ahead’ and make European purls on any stitches that will be Knit together on next row, and make combo purls for all other stitches.

this mean i can K2tog (combo purls) and have a \left leaning decrease, and i can K2tog (Europrean purls( and have a /right leaning decrease, and K2togs are always neater than SSK or S1, K1 PSSO!

Wow, that explanation really helped me a lot. I’m a continental knitter and what confused me was that my stiches no longer looked the same after doing a row of purl stiches. Thanks to your explanation I realized that if the bumps are facing me when my needle is pointed in the correct direction, I need to purl and when the V’s are facing me I knit. And the knit row no longer looks exactly the same as it did when I was just doing knit stiches.

So again, thanks so much for the excellent explanation! :notworthy: