Did any of you see the new Sunstruck interchangeables fron knitpicks?? They look wonderful!

I’m curious to know if they are the same as the harmony just in the bare wood versus the colors?

I got some to test, but as far as I can tell they are the same thing just not colored. They’re very pretty!

I believe they are, I know they’re not bamboo, so would be the same as the Harmonys

I have one harmony from try it set, and while i liked the feel of it and how the yarn didnt really stick to it, i wasnt a fan of the color. I felt that it was distracting - so the sunstruck may be a perfect option for a second interchangeable set!

I haven’t seen them in person, but I thought they looked beautiful, too. If I remember correctly, the description said they were made of birch laminate, so they should have the same feel as the Haromonies.