Sunrise Circle Jacket Interweave knits

Has anyone done this jacket? It was published for free in their Top 5patterns for 2008 via knitting daily. I cannot post the pattern b/c interweave has taken it down. It was from the spring 06 issue, I believe.

I was wondering if you could make the flaps a bit shorter so they didn’t overlap and leave the buttons off, or perhaps just overlap a bit and use one button. I was looking for a shrug or bolero this shape but I don’t want it to close, just to meet in the middle. I have been searching for days!


I haven’t done it, but I would think you could do that, but I’m not good enough to figure that one out yet. :wink:

Are you on Ravelry? There are over 400 projects for this sweater so you might be able to find what you’re looking for there, too.

Not yet on Ravelry; should get in line.

I was also looking at the Elann pinwheel sweater, only making the circle smaller.