Sunny Cables & Feathers

Sunny Cables & Feathers:

Looks wonderful - I love the color!

That looks really fantastic. I, too, love the colour! Now I need to ask, where did you find that stitch pattern, or is it an original???


Love that color :thumbsup:

It’s from Leisure Arts’ Our Best Knit Baby Afghans. They have some really nice patterns in that book that can even be extended to full sized afghans.

:smiley: Looking good!!! How did you do the animated photos? That’s way cool :sunglasses:

Nice animation and beautiful pattern!

Aren’t you the techno-whiz! Pretty pattern, too!

Check YOU out!

I LIKE it! Your presentation has me enthralled!

Very pretty, I just love that color, it’s so cheerful!

That’s a cool pattern! :thumbsup:

How’d you do the animation? Do you have to set it up prior to posting, or did you use some HTML code while posting?

HTML code??? HA!!! I wish! :rofling: I used the Adobe animation software that I found on this computer by accident… :mrgreen: hehehe

Your scarf looks great.

isn’t it fun to “discover” new software???!!

Ooops … :oops: I forgot to mention … that … um … well … it’s a baby blanket… :rofling:

First! the blankie looks so yummy and elegant at the same time. I love that color.

<swoon> I visit that patten book often at Joanns. It wants to come home with me. I should deny it no further.

Your presentation was a surprise! And shame on you for raising the bar on us. heh ( I’ve watched it over and over I love it! Really!) heh I’ve learned more about computers since joining KH just to keep up with you wizards.

:oops: So sorry … I don’t realize my own strength… hehehe … just joshin’ ya… :lol:


All done … over a year from the start … :hiding:

Actually, it was done on October 20, 2007. I’m only just now getting around to photographing it … :oops: baaad knitter…