Sunbeam 930. Aran Childs pattern

I have been using this pattern which is probably 50 years old.
I want to knit sleeveless jacket and wonder can I just do it from this pattern and ignore the sleeves?

I will copy page of pattern here

It looks like a much loved pattern.
You can probably do that. The armhole opening may be a bit wide but a ribbed border will fix that. I can’t see from the pattern photo but does the sweater have a saddle shoulder? That would complicate the knitting but you can work around it.

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Thanks for that. No there is no saddle shoulder. I will try the pattern and see how I get on. The ribbed border, if needed, sounds like good advice.

Thanks for your help


I have got this far but am wondering about what to do from here.
1/ What number of needles should I use?
2/ How many stitches will I need for the armholes?
3/ How many rows will I need to knit.

I will have to do each armhole in 2s or use round knitting needles rather than rip the sides.

Many thanks for your help


Ah, the sweater looks beautiful.
The photo didn’t show a raglan but now I see it in the directions. It seems to me that if you want to make a sleeveless jacket you’ll need to fill in the top of the shoulder. You can do this by following the pattern directions for the sleeve cap from the underarm bind off up to end of the cap. Then you will have an edge to pick up sts around.
I apologize for missing that crucial point.