Summery yarns?

Hi all -
I’m brand new to the forum, but have been sneaking peeks at your advice and help for a while now, and I’m hoping someone can give some opinions. Anyone have a favorite cotton/blend? I’m looking at Knitpicks crayon and cotlin, K1C2 2nd time cotton, reynolds saucy among others. I’d be using it for a cardigan, (Tahoe in spring Knitty), or maybe a tank. Any ideas?? Thanks!!!

What I would consider summery yarn would probably be cotton or a cotton blend. I can’t think of anything else that might be light enough for summer. You might want to try Rowan Calmer, Berroco"Love It", or Lion Brand Cottonease (I have been craving these lately :teehee: ). Hope I helped!
:happydance: Go New Jersey! Where do you live? (I live in Ridgewood, Bergen County).

hey, i worked in ridgewood! i live in orange county, new york, now.

I’ve usd KP crayon it’s sort of like a boucle yarn in cotton. I like the Shine too.

Some more choices in cotton blends - Cascade Pima Tencel, Misti Cotton, Patons Grace, Karabella Zodiac, elann’s Sonata. There are many more I’m sure, these are the ones that come to mind.
And you could also use Bamboo, of course. SWTC Bamboo, Classic Elite Bamboo are 2 examples.
Happy knitting!

I bought MisitCotton for the 1st at the LYS… andit feels DIVINE~ that silk adds such a softness to the coton…
MMMMmmmmmYummy :cheering: :happydance:

Knit Picks has a whole line of Summer Yarns. Check them out!

Thanks! I think I’ll order today or tomorrow - take advantage of the WEBS sale - I’ve been eyeing up that Cascade 220 - so many colors! maybe visit KP too.
As for where in NJ I am - way down south - Cumberland County. I’ve been somewhere in this state my whole life and just can’t get out!

I’m using Misti Cotton too for my first top. It sure is soft, no knots, no splitting, but seems to pill some. Have you had the same problem?

Sorry for the temp hijack!

I am still working with it off and on~ so I don’t know how it washes just yet~! but I :heart: :heart: :heart: how it feels to my hands as I knit it up~!

Linen is also known as a breathable warm weather fiber.