Summertime Tunic from Interweave Knits Starting June 1st

ooo jeanius,I hope the microspun behaves for you!!! I love how it feel knitted up/.

I love this tank and am making one for my daughter for her birthday. I’m using rather cheap yarn…Red Heart Baby Soft. My daughter will be 11 and while I really wanted to buy some nicer yarn, my budget demanded I go cheaper. I think it’ll be fine for her though…she won’t care what type of yarn it is. I cast on just a few minutes ago and am excited as this is my first garmet other than socks and gloves.

it is! :tap:

the hardest part was casting on, all those plies wanted to separate. i have about 8 rounds OTN now, so its just knit knit knit! xxx the fabric is coming out so soft and its doing the nifty \l\l\l\l instead of/////// on the knit side of the fabric. :heart:

I made a dishcloth out it and it was plied so loosely it was a pain. I bet it’ll be so pretty though! That yarn is soft and so vivid!

You like the \l\l look, huh? :teehee:

I printed this pattern a few days ago for a bit of summer knitting. I think I’m going to join in on this one…::heading over to look for yarn::

Webs has the yarn on sale for this project…Just an FYI

You might be able to get stitch gauge with the heavy worsted yarn, but the resulting fabric might be too thick and warm for a summer top…fabric made from DK weight yarn would be thinner and lighter.

What yarn did you decide on ???

I am going to use Classic Elite Bamboo (on sale at Webs) in the Citrine color. I have the yarn and the needles, i just need to finish a baby sweater and a shawlette that I started when I was bored with the baby sweater.


That is going to be so pretty!

I have the yarn that I am going to use. I had wanted to do this pattern and joining this KAL will give me the incentive to finish the wedding dress.


Just wanted to say count me in on this one. :happydance: I was planning on undertaking this one myself. Just ordered my yarn…can’t wait to receive it. This will be my first KAL. Can’t wait! :thumbsup:

Would this top be ok in 100% silk? I was thinking of using a 100% silk yarn.

Count me in! I have some awesome baby-blue yarn in my stash that would be perfect for this!

Pictures yet? How is the pattern working out for you?

Its going good.I uploaded a pic on my blog today,but im much more into it now. I can’tupload thepics here,im on my phone lol

OOohh, I’m in! I started yesterday. I’m using Cotton Fleece in Peridot. 3" in so far…

I finished one edge of the Estonian… going back to the CO to work the other edge…:woot: then I can start this…:happydance:

jmp love that color!!!

Well, I missed my dd’s bday but I’m still plugging away on this. I’m on the ribbing section now. :slight_smile:

I have about 3 inches done so far, my yarn is really turning out great for this! I’m excited to get to the ribbing!