Summertime Tunic from Interweave Knits Starting June 1st

Hey everyone
My friend Toya and I are hosting a knitalong for the new free Interweave knit pattern summertime tunic

This is the website for the KAL

It will start June 1st
please email to join

Thanks guys! xxx

How funny…I just posted in my blog that I’m making this for my daughter. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the yarn by the time this starts, but if I can I’ll join in. :wink:

Join in anyway!!! Tee hee, I have to order my yarn! LOL

Problem is the start date is soon and I can’t afford to buy the yarn yet. I’ll join in late if necessary. By then you’ll have worked out all the kinks anyway, no? :teehee:

Tee hee, yep! lol

Hmm… it’s cute, but i’m absolutely in love with the summer wheat one, it is calling out my name :teehee:

I just printed off this pattern last night! But I don’t even know what yarn I would use, have to check the stash…it is a cute top!

This is very cute and looks easy. I’m “thinking” about it! :wink:

I’ve been thinking about this too… do you think shine from KP would work? it is cute… :teehee:

i just saved this pattern like 5 minutes ago! how funny :teehee: great minds and all that!!
I think i am going to knit it with microspun from lionbrand in black…it has a 24 sts=4" gauge, so i think i go up a size for a good fit?? anyways, not sure when i’ll get to it, but i’ll check back on you knitters! :heart:

I “think” the pattern calls for a DK weight yarn… I’m thinking of going with Cotlin from KP or Sonata from Elann. Soooo many choices though! :thinking:

:cheering: ohh thanks… I think I’m going to use Wine in the Sonata… :teehee: and going to go ahead and get some for my girl’s Monica… I never look at Elann’s I’m not sure why… I love their prices :rofl:

Hey! I’m making Monica too!!! lol

:happydance: :cheering: I haven’t started mine but going to soon!!!

Ok I ordered the wine color from Elann so I can start this… although I’ll be going home in June and mom doesn’t have a computer… so prolly won’t sign up for the KAL at the other site since my updates all summer will be far and in between… :rofl:

I’m wondering, can you use a yarn that’s not DK weight, as long as you get gauge with it? The yarn I’m thinking about is classified as a heavy worsted, it’s a nylon/cotton blend.

Sure, as long as you get gauge you should be fine I think. That is how to change the yarn in any pattern. Getting gauge with a yarn that much heavier might be hard, but it’s worth a try. I haven’t ever tried this though so… :??

I would, but, alas, I’m cutting myself off from buying any more yarn until I finish the current four projects I have going. :verysad:

i cast on all 226 sts today on sz 6 circs…i love the feel of the microspun, but it is veeeeeery loosely plied! :!!!:

i am planning on knitting straps in stead of using ribbons. i really shouldn’ t go bra-less :teehee: so i have two ideas…1) regular old straps in moss stitch probably 10 sts across… or 2) starting in the center back, one strap that becomes two (like a racer-back top)

so … thoughts? advice?

:happydance: I think either idea would prolly work… I think I’m leaning to the first idea you mentioned though… :teehee: I don’t like to go braless so was just planning on wearing a strap less… I wear them under all my tanks…

:cheering: I got my yarn today for monica and this… I really need to finish the Estonian wrap as it’s suppose to be a b-day gift on the 9th of June… but I reallllly wanna start both tanks :pout: :teehee: