Summer Yarn

I need a yarn for making summer baby items. I have found several possibilities but they either are too expensive or have to lay flat to dry or need to be ironed. Some of the yarns that I have found have a synthetic yarn mixed with cotton or corn etc. Wouldn’t this be too warm for summer? Anyone have any suggestions as to what yarn would be good to use? Thanks, Nancy

I usually use cotton blends. My favorite right now is Plymouth Jeannee. It knits up beautifully and is machine washable. I’ve made several baby sweaters, booties and even myself a sweater with it.

Someone on here posted a link to this yarn Web site the other day:

They have lots of different cotton/whatever blends that are not too expensive. You might try them!

Best of luck in your search!!

Thanks Jan and Antares for the information. I see a lot of good deals on the website. Jan - doesn’t a synthetic make the cotton yarn too heavy and warm for summer items? Nancy

I’ve never noticed it, but maybe because it’s cotton in it it’s fine. There are other yarns that have more cotton than acrylic. The acrylic can make the cotton nicer to work with, too.