Summer vacation and a Thank You

Hello all!!

I haven’t been around for much of August because i was travelling and then the semester started :frowning: boo… hiss… So, i’m back to facing my hordes of unhappy students with faces like thunder and GRADING… :wall:

BUT, i wanted to thank everyone who replied to my previous post asking about the ordering Amy’s cd for my friend’s birthday.

I just wanted to relay a funny story… my friend had mentioned that she wanted to learn how to knit so i bought her Stitch ‘N’ Bitch and Amy’s cd. When i went to see her, she gave me my birthday pressie (we’re born 10 days apart) and when i saw it i thought it looked suspiciously similar to the present i had bought her!! (bear in mind that we live 7 hours drive from each other and have rarely physically seen each other over the past 8 years) But YES, we had bought each other the SAME BOOK for our birthdays!! :lol: Great minds think alike!! :wink:

The next day i took her out to buy needles and yarn and taught her how to make a scarf. I left before she finished and i was a bit worried that she might get frustrated in the absence of someone to answer questions but i’m happy to say that she not only finished it but is on her next scarf!! :slight_smile: In fact she said she was looking forward to the predicted rainy weekend so she could stay in and watch Cary Grant movies while knitting!! :roflhard: That’s my girl!! :lol:

So yeah, after 18 years of friendship we have one more thing in common… I think it’s quite cool…

Oh, and i told her about this place… dunno if she reads but she might show up someday…


Welcome back. That is so cool that you thought alike! No gift envy there. :wink:

I love your expression ‘faces like thunder.’ Those are the faces I get to see in a couple of weeks, too. :smiley:

Welcome back! How awesome that you have a friend that thinks just like you!

Ha! This is why I’m so glad I teach 2 year olds! No grades. But their faces are usually covered with gooey stuff. :shock:

good to see you again! was wondering where you went off to!


Welcome back, HH…what a very neat experience…great minds think alike; friends know one another very well…it can all be said…the deal it…It must all be true :wink: ! I’m always happy to hear of another knitting convert, I hope that she’s hanging around reading now. :waving: to HH’s friend…we know that you are lurking about…stop :thinking: thinking about it and join us…we are fun, we are crazy, we love :XX: :XY: and then even more :x: .
Glad you had a fun vacation, my friend, welcome home :wink:

Awww… thanks for welcoming me back… I did miss this place… :slight_smile: