Summer thunderstorm

I had call this morning and did some errands on the way home (which took forever b/c it’s freshman move-in day) and then decided to sit inside and knit to avoid the 110 deg heat index telling myself I would go outside and do chores when it cooled off. Went out a little while ago to clean out the shed and then mow the lawn. Not 15min into mowing black clouds blewn in and the lightening started. We are getting one heck of a summer storm. Better go get all my candles as it sounds like we may loose power and I need light if I am to continue knitting :yay:

yay for candle-light knitting!:woot:

we had a massive storm last night, that might be what you’re getting. it moved superquickly through my county, and we were hit with a tornado warning, even though there werent even any reported funnel-cloud sitings. there was a lot of lightning, and super dark clouds though.

I live in the lightning capitol of the US so we get a good whoppapuloozer about every week. I love to watch them but hate when the lightning strikes near. A year ago it struck a neighbor’s house and it burned down. We get some serious damaging lightning.
Stay safe. You guys get tornados, something I’m glad is pretty scarce in Florida.

we had 4 tornadoes in our area last night beside bad storms and flooding. We didn’t lose power, fortunately, but lots of people around us did. Weird weather for this time of year.


I am desperatly waiting for the Thinderstorm they promised me on the news
anything to bring down the HEAT here
I have fans in all my wondows, and NOTHING is helping
bring on the thunder


there hasnt been an actual wipe-out tornado around where i live in the longest time, so we’re very fortunate. [knock majorly on wood] we get warnings and funnel-could citings all the time though. but i’d rather tornado’s than hurricanes, where i live we never get flooded.

All the talk of tornados - yuck. They freak me out like nothing else.

As predicted we did lose power for several hours and of course the puppy had to go out and do her business in the height of the storm which was a lot of fun. The older dog was hiding in the bathtub !!

The lightening was incredible and the thunder literally shook the house. It was still going at 11pm when we went to bed.
Well, guess I’ll knit :cheering: until the lawn dries out enough that I can finish mowing