Summer tank top or short sleeve top

:knitting: Hi everyone: I am tired of making things for everyone else and I would love to make something for me for a change. I have decided on either a tank top or a short sleeve top and my problem is price and yarn. I want something light weight and it keeps its shape. Any suggestions? Thanks for your assistance.

Knitpicks (for those in the U.S.) has some nice cotton-blend yarns (their Comfy yarns are made of cotton and acrylic and are nice for summer wear); you also might look at some of the bamboo blend and linen yarns. There are all kinds of different yarn fibers out there, so don’t just stop at the most common ones (I’ve seen sugar cane yarn and even paper yarn).

Do you have a local yarn store that carries high-end yarns? That might be a good place to look.

Once you find a fiber you like, then you can look for it on sale somewhere.

I made a sweater with Plymouth Jeannee for myself and several for babies. It’s a cotton acrylic blend and it’s very nice. Not sure of cost anymore though. Most cotton acrylic blends would probably be okay has a shop that is located half in Canada, half in USA. They sell lots of deeply discounted quality yarns. Their prices can be better than Knit Picks, which has become spendier these days IMO.

Ordering from might be better on shipping for you, living in Canada. Yes?

I really like them.

For example, they are offering a full bag (10) of Gedifra Licati yarn (cotton blend, quick-knitting bulky weight ribbon yarn in a fun palette of variegated colorways!) [B]on SALE for $18.75[/B]…regularly priced at 7.50 per ball or $75 for 10.

Click here.

Here’s another cotton blend yarn that’s [B]on sale[/B] (full bag of 10) [B]for $19.88[/B], regular price $79.50! (Nashua Handknits Zinnia yarn) Ya just can’t beat those prices. Colors are limited on the deeply deeply slashed price yarns…but there is always a good color left.

Click here.

I found these two cotton blends on their BARGAIN FINDER page! Click here.