Summer swing top - could it be lengthened to a dress?

For those who’ve made the toddler “summer swing top”, do you have any advice about trying to make a dress from this pattern? How much longer would it have to be? Would you lengthen the rib section, or add a few tiers to the flared section? If adding to the flared section, how many tiers would need to be added?

Thanks for any suggestions,

Where is the pattern for the summer swing top? I’m sure it could be lengthened.

Yes! I made one for my DD. She was 5 when the picture was taken. I would add on at the skirt, not the ribbing. When I make it again, I will make the ribbing a bit wider across the chest. It really depends on what size you are making as to how many of the eyelet repeats to add. The eyelets are about two and a half inches apart vertically if that helps any. :??

Thanks Sara, looking at your photo I’d certainly be adding to the skirt rather than the ribbed section. I’d actually be making the 12 months size (hopefully getting it finished in the next six months!) but it looks like another two eyelet repeats would be enough, especially for a 12-month-old.

And your DD looks lovely in that top!

ooh… that would be cute as a dress…

How cute!!! :heart: