Summer Swing Tank

:smiley: Last night I finished Allysa’s Summer Swing Tank using size 6 and 7 addis and Coats & Clarks Cotton Plus in a pretty, very girly shade of pink.
This is the 4th project for Team Summer Ensemble, my Knitting World Cup entry. Completed thus far is Kidlet Tank, Allysa Halter and Short Snort Tank. Yet to be done are Mission Tank, GF Swing Coat and, I have a design in mind that I’m going to work on today…I have lots of the pink yarn leftover, so, I’m going to give this design in my head a try… :?? :thinking: I wonder if I can translate what’s in my head to the needles…?

As you can see…the summer swing tank is going to be very swingy, twirly, good for spinning and twirling action :wink:

It is perfect!!! Wonderful job!

i said it outloud to my husband before i typed it.

“oh! that is SO cute!”

i wish i had a daughter, because i would knit that for her.

be proud!

That is so cute! I love the color you chose too. I bookmarked the pattern – I may have to make that one for my SIL’s baby.

Oh man - another wonderful piece. That is SUPER cute. /sigh also wishing I had a daughter to wear something like that =D

Adorable! Your GD is going to be loving these garments you’ve so lovingly created!

WOW, that’s SO CUTE!! I saw that pattern recently on knittingpatterncentral and thought it was adorable. She’s going to :heart: it!

:smiley: Thanks everyone, it was fun to knit, too :wink:
I’m now working on the next project, I think I will call it “Allysa Ring A Ding Tank”…you’ll understand the name if the design actually comes to be :wink:

It’s gorgeous! :inlove:

I love it! It’s on my to-do list!

sooo pretty!!! Man, another project to add to my ever-growing list…

I loved the pattern! It’s really fun to do. I need to try Emma’s on her to amke sure it fits. Is it wrong of me to hope that it doesn’t so that I can knit it again? Next time, I will make the ribbing section wider.

Becka–I LOVE this little dressy tank!! I hope I have a grandughter one day soon!! I’m going to have so much fun knitting for her! :smiley:

:cheering: :cheering:

She’s going to love that (and everything else)!

I’ve said it before, you’re just flying through the World Cup stuff… makes me feel like a slacker for only doing one sweater. :lol:

Seriously though, everything is looking soooo good, keep it up!

That is awesome!

:smiley: Thanks, everyone!!
I’m currently working on the next project for Knitting World Cup…I don’t know yet if it’s going to be a sundress or a tank…time will tell :wink:

How cute!!

Dang, you knit fast!

That’s so sweet!

I see myself going to Ram’s today with my travel expense pay and getting something to make this for Lissa with! :happydance:

ETA: Where did you find the patterns for your other finished tanks?

:smiley: Thanks, everyone!!!
Nicole, the pattern for the kidlet tank is found here; Short Snort here and the info for Allysa’s Halter is found on my blog.