Summer Slippers

Hi!! I’m looking for a pattern for summer slippers. Something lightweight and that doesn’t cover up the top of your foot. I’ve seen something similar in the stores premade and they have elastic around the top. If anyone could help, I would appreciate it. I hate just wearing my bare feet around the house in the summer, my feet always feel dirty (okay, maybe I’m weird!!lol)


Here is the thread for Jenelle’s slippers…they are very cute :smiley:

ah yes the pocketbook slippers?

You could probably use a cotton or an acrylic/cotton blend yarn for them. I used regular acrylic yarn for mine.

These look perfect! I’m going to try them.


:smiley: I really like them, too…I may just have to have some :thumbsup:

ahaa pocket book slippers! I made a pair of these when I was laid up with my leg a few weeks ago… I’ve been meaning to post pics but I’ve worn them to death!

I made them in a cheapo acrylic (same stuff I made that hat with) and they didn’t last too long. I also wanted to change the pattern a little bit. However MUST finish my sock and shrug and and and too much ongoing at once nothing getting finished argh!

Does anyone know about sizing for the pocketbook slippers? They are so cute! I read through the thread, but didn’t find a mention of what sizes they will fit.

They are very stretchy. Mine stretched to being a bit big for me very quickly and my feet are around 9 1/2" long.

I’ve made the pocket book slippers and yes they are very stretchy. When I get some of my projects done (and I have quite a few going :smiley: ) I want to work on these.

They look so dern cute.