Summer Shrug

Finally got some pictures of my summer shrug I finished a few weeks ago. I was really excited about this project but not completely thrilled with the finished project. I was making up the pattern as I went along and definitely learned a lot - that part I’m pleased with, but the whole thing came out just a little too large (especially the sleeves). It’s Knit Picks shine in worsted and so super soft so I wear it a lot anyway. Now I just have to make another one that fits me better and write down the pattern while I do it! Thanks for looking everyone! :slight_smile:

The same pictures are on my blog in a larger size if you want a closer look.

That’s so cute!!! Please do write down the pattern! I’d pay for that pattern. :cheering:

I agree…write down the pattern…that’s very clever of you. From the front with your arms extended as they are the sleeves actually look comfortable and not too big as such. There’s just a little bulge in the back. The colour really suits your complexion and the cabling style pattern is really lovely and should hold shape very well.

That’s super cute! I love it!

Very cute! And I really like the detail on the edging.

I think it turned out very nice! You made up the pattern as you went along?!?!

It looks wonderful & such great colors! I love the lace detail on the sleeves!

That is SO CUTE!! TFS :lol:

very pretty! i agree that the sleeves look great. i think just the back near your neck looks a little too wide on you. beautiful borders and lace!:inlove:

I think it looks great!!! Congratulations on your creativity, lovely knitting and adorable modeling.

I love it. One of of the nicest shrugs I’ve seen!:cheering:

It looks great!!! And the sleaves look just right…Absolutely gorgeous :thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments everyone! I had a lot of fun with this project - great learning experience. Also the satisfaction is so fast with a project this size, I think it took me 2 weeks at most to get it all together. I’ll get a modified pattern of some kind together in the next couple of days and post it when it’s ready. Thanks again!

OMG I LOVE that- wow- it is gorgeous!!! Wow!!

That’s adorable! I love the color combination.

WOW! I’m not a shrug person [I]at all[/I], but I’d [B]totally[/B] wear that!!! Great job!

It’s beautiful and looks adorable on you! Great choice in color combo.

It looks great! I really like the way you combined the patterns.

Great job!! Love it!