Summer Knitty

Is UP!!!

YAY! DH was just asking me today “do men knit?” and i said “yes of course!” and he goes “well are they gay?” and i said “not all of them!” :rollseyes" He didn’t believe me, so now i can show him. woohoo!

gotta say…i am lovin’ up on that satchel and thinking of ways i can girl it up!

Ooooh, me too!!! I’d love to figure out how to make a pattern of my avatar for the flap. Hmmm… :thinking:


sigh how much would WOTA rock if it had as many color choices as Cascade 220 and cost the same as WOTA?

I’m really liking the wild striped baby blanket, and the little baby boy knit pants. SO cute. Not crazy about a lot of the man knits. Oh well - you take some, you leave some, right?

i liked that a lot too but i think i am going to have to let that one pass for now…i get too bored doing afghans. though with that many colors maybe it would keep my attention!!

I LOVE that satchel and the green v-neck collared sweater isnt too bad…Al would wear that if I made him…he always ASKS me if he likes things, anyway…

ooooh the cargo pants are adorable! :heart:
and the wild stripes blanket!!! :heart:

Yeah, that is about the only thing I am diggin’ this time. I think in a lavender color I could could do for my daughter :??

I LOVE “Hardcore”. I love the yarn and crossbones, that’s so cool! And the fact that it was knit and designed by a teenage boy totally rocks. What a neat kid!!

looks at her own 13 year old boy busy playing games on his computer
I can dream, right?

Oh yes! So cool! And let me just clarify (not that I need to, but I would hate for a designer see that and think “Well, you come up with something then B*&^%” ) I like them all, and I see the talent it takes to come up with & knit them. I am only diggin’ on the cargo pants that I myself would be interested in knitting.

Ok, carry on :arrow:

I’m :heart: ing the satchel, too…certainly can and will be girled up…lol!! My DH would not like it…but I sure do!! I’m about to knit my sweet, sweet husband the 1st pair of socks for him; and when I venture into sweater knitting (after Christmas gig, too many projects to be done AND then it’s time to knit for Christmas to start knitting sweaters now) the 1st one I do will be for him, and I think from this Knitty…I like many of the designs ;).

oh oh oh! LOVE the baseball sweater! Gotta start that soon for my DH! or for me :smiley:

Well hedgehog, while searching knitty myself earlier this evening, I found a method in which you can put your avatar on that bag.

Hope you find it useful. Incidentally, if you don’t have photoshop or paintshop, I do and would be most happy to do this for you.


I’m loving that baby blanket too! I’ve been wanting a pattern that isn’t too baby-pastel-cutesy.

I’m starting Blue Hills today. :thumbsup:

Thanks for posting the knitty link! I’ve been wanting to buy a shoulder bag but now I can make my own! I’ll be starting this as soon as I finish my other projects. Or maybe when I make my own needles so I’ll have some free ones. :smiley: