Summer is nearing

It’s getting near spring now and the sun is starting to shine. I ware sunglasses but you must all know how the sun likes to say hello from all the corners that your glasses don’t cover.

So, I want to knit only the band, visor and icord of this: without the cap. Is that possible? And if so, can someone please translate the pattern for working on two striaght needles instead of round. I also don’t quite understand the icord attachment instructions. For example: “Note: Pick up one stitch for every stitch as you work around the edge. The visor will not hang properly if this edge pulls in!” Will it make more sence once I start knitting it?

Thanks guys.

I don’t see why you couldn’t do it, but I’m not sure how sturdy the brim would be. Most patterns do make more sense once you’ve started it. :slight_smile: