SUMMER FUN - Let's tell a story about knitting!

Do you remember playing this game when you were a kid? We tell a story and pass it from person to person, trying to make sense out of it. You can attach a photo if you want to make it more fun.

Once upon a time, a little old lady decided to go and knit in her rocking chair. She was almost at the chair, when…

she heard a billy goat calling her name.

Amazed to see a billy goat, much less hear him talk, she walked a little closer to see what he had to say. As he was talking, she watched his beard going up and down, and thought, “Wow! I bet I could make some really nice yarn from that beard!” So she cut it off, and went to her spinning wheel instead. She almost got to the wheel, when…

she went to spin the beard she saw that her pot of stew was bubbling, she went to the pot, when…

When she heard a llama calling her name.

And much to her surprise…the llama was followed by this…

The noise of the motorcycle made her cover her ears, and the dust in the air made her cover her eyes.

When she uncovered them, she realized that she was finally alone. “Whew!” she exclaimed. Maybe now I can get some knitting done! Picking up the yarn she just spun, she decided to dye it with some Kool-Aid.

She was on her way to the kitchen when…

She realized that the not-so-well-informed members of her family had actually had the nerve to make drinks with the Kool-Aid. She grabbed her keys and headed for the car. . .

When she got to the car, she looked in her wallet and noticed that it was empty.

“I wonder how that happened,” she mumbled.

I bet that guy on that motorcycle stole it. “That hoodlum!” she cried, shaking her fist in the air.

“What to do? What to do?”… :figureditout:

“Ha!” She remembered reading somewhere that she could make dye from plants in her own back yard. So, she started looking for flowers, when…

This little guy came staggering out of the garden!

“Help me,” he croaked. My name is Sean Connery and an evil witch cast a spell on me. One kiss and I can be myself again. Please, Shandeh!!

Sandy was skeptical. Was it really her Sean? or was it just a horny little toad? :thinking:

Sandy walked up to the toad, and kissed the toad.

1…2…3… POOF

To sandy’s amazement, it wasn’t Sean Connery… but…

PAULY SHORE! ( :rofling: )

“Got ya!” he said.

Ingrid was watching from across the street and spit her root beer float at the computer screen. Sandy, on the other hand,

began to consider options on how to get rid of this loser. Just her luck!

“Pauly”, she asked, “Would you mind picking all the flowers and grass in my yard so I can make some dye for my yarn?”

Poof! He vanished.

“Whew. That was close!” Sandy said.

She was just beginning to relax again, when…

Since KoolAid sales have skyrocketed in the past few years, the makers have tried to discourage spinners from using natural dyes. When one ventures out to find what nature provides, the KoolAid people send out reinforcements. Sandy was shocked and appalled, but. . .

Sandy knew the reinforcements enemy.

A hammer.

Sandy went into her garage for a hammer, when…

to her amazement, she began to have feelings for Kool-Aid man.

Clutching her tender heart, she turned to face her true love. Was that a sparkle in his eye?

Kool-Aid man smiled, dropped to one knee, and reached in his pocket for…

…a glass at which point he began to sing “I’m a little pitcher short and stout, here is my handle here is my spout…”

Sandy slapped herself in the head and realized that she had been mesmerized by the sparkle of the sun through Red Dye #15. She shook her head in disbelief at her gullibility and advanced with the hammer. Anything to shut him up!