Summer FOs

Don’t think I’ve posted any FOs this summer. So here’s a few of the latest ones. First of all I FINALLY finished my first pair of socks!!! I used regular old Red Heart worsted so the learning process would go a bit faster and I wouldn’t have to worry about messing up nice sock yarn. They turned out more like slipper socks but that’s fine. I ended up using size 4 needles and they’re still too big but I chalked it up to the learning process. :slight_smile:

and on:

This is a sock yarn scarf. Got the pattern from the yarn store. If I remember correctly (and I have the pattern around here somewhere) it’s just “K2, KB, P1 and end with K2.” It was very boring b/c both sides were the same pattern. But I love the final result.

This is another scarf from worsted wool and the pattern is in the “Luxury Yarns One Skein Wonders” book. I haven’t blocked it yet and am hoping I get some more length from doing so. It isn’t quite long enough. But I really like how it turned out. BTW be sure to check errata when starting any pattern from this book. This pattern had errors (and so do lots of them).

And last but not least … I took a class at the LYS to learn how to do this wrap. It wasn’t hard (and you can probably figure out most of it just by looking at it) but you had to take the class to get the pattern. UGH! Anyway, there are 6 different yarns - one main color that is used in between each of the other (2 rows of garter) and all the contrasting colors in the striping sequence are stockinette. For the back you simply pick up the stitches along one end of each panel and start a mitered corner (decreasing in the center) panel. I chose these colors so they would go well with jeans. I’m hoping to get lots of wear from this!

That’s it for now … still have my first pair of 2 at a time socks OTN and a couple of multi directional scarves and a 3 way wrap. :slight_smile:

Wanda, those FOs are just great! I know how you feel about sock being a learning experience. I’m muddling through my first pair, too.

Really great work! I love them all! Especially like the subtle colorations of the green(s) scarf! Yum!

Wow. Your FO looks awesome. I have only one item finished for summer. I need to get on the ball, I have a couple weeks left…

Nice FO’s Wanda! I’m still struggling through my first pair of socks - hats off to you for finishing yours! I love the wrap - I think the colors you chose are perfect for jeans! I’d get alot of wear from that one myself!!

Wow, you’ve sure been busy :teehee: Everything looks great! Congrats on your first pair of socks :woohoo:

Great work. I love the wrap. I too am working on my 1st pair of socks.

Love that wrap! Very pretty colorway.

I use my first pair of socks for slippers also.