Summer CORN: anybody freeze it?

Ok, there are loads and loads of corn on all the roadside stands and I just tried for the first time, parboiling some and putting it in freezer bags. I did it 3 minutes. But forgot to put it in ice water, if that’s necessary? Anybody freeze summer corn?

Are you freezing it “on the cob”? I have done that before and have never been really happy with the results. The ice water is to quickly stop the cooking, so if you did not do that you may find it cooked a bit more than you would like it.

The thing is, in the winter when you eat it, the memory of “fresh corn on the cob” will be distant so it will be a treat. But it never really tastes like the “real” thing.

I freeze mine OFF the cob. I boil it for 3 minutes then throw it in a sink of ice water, then cut it off the cob. I don’t like it on the cob because I think it makes it taste “musty” when you eat it and it’s also kind of mushy.

Oh a big thanks! Well, I did it on the cob but I only did four so far… I think I’ll cut it off the cob next time. It can last all the way til winter huh? It sure has been good but it also makes you fat!

we always shuck and clean ours and then freeze it just like that, on the cob-no cooking. We’ve never had a problem.

I freeze a couple dozen ears every summer.

The best way I have found is to leave the outer most husks on. This prevents reezer burn and also helps the corn keep its fresh flavor. I pull down the tip of the husks so I can check for worms, cut off the stalks, leave the silk on. Then I bag them raw, 4 to a bag then put that bag inside a 2nd bag. When its time to cook them I dust off any ice crystals-sometime a kernel busts due to water expansion when it freezes. I remove the husks, pull off any loose silk and put them in cold water and bring them to a boil. Then boil them for 25 minutes. Any loose silk dislodges itself during cooking and will float to the top and stick together.

I also used corn frozen this way to make the homemade corn fritter recipe I posted a while back. Instead of boiling it though, I put it in a warm (not hot) bath and simply thawed it deep enough to liquify the kernals but didn;t worry about warming up the cob all the way through.

Every summer we had a day when Dad would go out into the field and bring in all the corn that the critters didn’t get. Mom would tarp the kitchen (a bit of hyperbole there for ya) and we would freeze at least 3 dozen quarts of corn. Dad would shuck it all, mom would par boil it and then shock it to stop the cooking. Then she would cut it off the cob and I would put it in the containers. (what didn’t go in my belly anyway…lol) This was the corn we would have until the next harvest. (it was pretty much the only vegetable that my dad would eat without fussing. :slight_smile: ) It always tasted as good as it did fresh out of the field and we never had issues with freezer burn or anything like that. :thumbsup:

mmmmmm corn fresh out of the field. Gotta try that someday

I remember helping my mom freeze corn - when someone dropped off a pickup-bed load of it for us once. Talk about a lot of corn!!! I’m pretty sure we didn’t put it in ice water - just cook a little bit, cut off the cob, put in bags and freeze.

I cut it off the cob, put it in freezer bags, and put it away – no cooking at all. It comes out fresh and tasty, although of course not as good as eating it straight off the cob. That way, if you cook it when you pull it out of the freezer, you won’t overcook it.

tarp the kitchen :roflhard: huh? !

Oh I feel for you Feministmama… holy moly, you’ve got to try some! I grew up in Michigan and my cousin Bambi (yes Bambi) and I used to run through my grandpa’s cornfields all the time, it was so beautiful in there. And we always picked it right before dinner.

Well thanks all for the great tips. I have to admit Chel, I like your method the best and will try that next. No cooking at all huh! And yes the husks would prevent freezer burn. I’m just way too lazy to cut the corn off the cobs. In fact this is the first summer I got it together to put 4 ears in the freezer so far. I’m gonna go get me some more ! Granted, cutting it off the cob would take up a lot less room in the freezer.

Now where is that corn fritter recipe??? Those sound really good. If you have time to post it or a link, or I can go to I also want to make some corn chowder one of these days.