Summer booties?

my girlfriend just had a baby girl yesterday, and she asked if I could knit some light cotton sandal-like booties for the baby. I searched for “baby sandals” “baby summer booties” “summer booties” and “summer slippers” on knitting pattern central, but no such luck. And ideas?

Bare feet. :wink:

that’s what I thought… I was like "who wants to put booties on their kid in the summertime? I figured that was just something dumbasses who don’t have kids (like me) would say, while all the mom’s go "god you’re an idiot. of COURSE you need booties!!! " :roflhard:

I always get a kick out of infants in shoes. Are they going for a stroll? :wink:

I think it’s silly to keep babies in shoes. My June baby wore socks for a few minutes each day, but that was about it :wink:

The link above has some of the cutest shoes/slippers you can imagine! They are absolutely wonderful. They have elastic around the ankle and are machine washable. They are perfect for when you are going out in the cold and you want to keep the baby’s feet covered and they don’t fall off so people don’t stop you and tell you the baby has only one shoe!

They are also great when the baby starts walking because their little toes can curl and grip–impossible in those hard soled shoes!

There are several companies that sell a similar shoe–including the baby department at Target. Maybe you could knit some socks to wear with the shoes?

But…that being said, new moms can be well, moody. I would do my best to humor her.

I’d made these because they’re so danged cute!

Ingrid, I love those! I am now going to make my niece a Dorothy costume for Halloween this year. These will be way too small by then but I love the idea of the shiny red yarn and I’m sure I have a pattern that will work. Thanks for the great idea!!

I am a mom whose infant wore Robeez – even in the summer. And not because they are so cute. My baby is in daycare and I don’t care how often they clean, I still did not want her cute little feet touching a floor that was touched by 8 other sets of little cute feet. Baby socks just don’t stay on, but Robeez do.


<Giggle> I think a lot of southern babies need booties even more in the summer then the winter because of indoor airconditioning. We have to keep our house so cold at night and in the morning just to keep up with the heat during the afternoons.

It’s crazy I tell ya. I also buy (but soon will make) sweaters in the summers for my kids when they go to the theater, mall, out to eat, etc, as the air conditioning is always way too cold.

thanks everyone :heart:

I have made a ton of those in all kinds of yarn. I love them1