Summer and Knitting

What do you guys knit in the summer? I am afraid I will be so hot holding yarn next to my body I won’t want to knit!


You won’t be too hot. :slight_smile: Knitting smaller things can also alleviate those concerns – you won’t get too hot knitting a hat, for example.

Lots of people knit summery things from cotton, like tank tops, dresses, etc.

I’m going to start knitting a lace scarf. I bought the lace yarn
yesterday and I plan on using a pattern in one of my knitting magazines. :XX: :XX: :XX: At least it will be lightweight. The air conditioning in our house works so WELL that I am usually freezing inside even during the summer!! lol

I also hope to begin knitting a summer handbag. My LYS lady just finished one and I just emailed her asking if she has copies of the pattern for sale. I like how it looks but I will need to make it a little bigger for my use. :smiley:

I find that knitting with cotton or silk is preferable in the summer, too, especially if I’m outside. If I’m in the AC, it doesn’t really matter, though I still don’t want a big piece of knitted fabric on my lap. Small things are perfect.

I like all the suggestions already mentioned, plus one more: knit socks! They’re so small they won’t bother you by covering up anything. I took a sock class last fall and loved it, then got caught up in holiday knitting. Since January I’ve been working on a couple of sweaters and the Einstein coat for myself, but as soon as it gets too hot for a garment on my lap, I’m going back to socks. After the sock class I purchased an entire basket of sock yarn in my enthusiasm, and a selection of DPN’s, so I’m all set. Aaahhhh, the thought of sitting under the pergola in the shade, listening to the birds and the water in the pond on a lazy summer afternoon knitting socks: now that’s something to look forward to!


Yep…socks are the perfect item. Cotton is great too :slight_smile: