Sullivan's Baby Soft Knitting Yarn

Anyone ever used it or know anything about it?? I found a pattern for baby booties that I thought about trying but I can’t seem to find out what the actual weight of this yarn is…I tried yarndex but it doesn’t list it and I went to their website but can’t find that info…


If you guys don’t know–does anyone know of a cute baby bootie pattern for a newborn that uses worsted weight yarn? I’ve made a friend a hat and thought booties might be nice but all of the patterns I’m finding are for dk or lighter yarn.


Here is a site that has many booty patterns. I made the one called Bev’s Stay On Knit Booties out of worsted weight yarn –

Sorry I don’t know how to make it a link. But when you go to the site, just click on the baby picture for the baby patterns. Lots and Lots to see at this site.

Hope it helps. Oh, and Congratulations on your new addition to your family!!


Welcome back Cristy~!! Don’t have any advice about the patterns except check KnittingPatternCentral or try Knitty or Interweave Knits
:shrug: :shrug:
Is baby doing ok for you guys~?

Baby (I need to start referring to him by name I guess…)…Aaron is doing well although he isn’t exactly a good sleeper at night. He takes glorious naps during the daytime and I nap with him but I crave a night where I get more than 2 hours of sleep before he’s ready to nurse again. :shrug: I’m kind of torn, do I try to keep him awake (which is like me trying to move a mountain) during the day so he’ll sleep at night or is he too young for that? You know…you ask a million experts and you get a million different answers…

I’ve check KPC and found a few bootie patterns although I haven’t looked at interweave so I’ll go there next. Thanks for the suggestion!

Nancydee–Thanks for the link–I’ll check it out and see what I think. Right now I’ve just been working on hats for her and I thought matching booties would be nice but her shower is this Saturday and I don’t know that I’ll find the time to knit booties before then since having a 10 day old around can be rather un-predictable!!

I found the website so you might contact them and see if they can tell you anything.

Thanks Jan!